Friday, August 14, 2009

Busy Friday

We bought my wedding ring today. It's being resized along with my engagement ring (again). Feels strange not to have my engagement ring, especially since we are seeing so many possible wedding places!

Well, first we saw the lawyer for a 9am appt. Scooted over to the mall for the ring. Pete narrowed it down to two ring options for himself. Had lunch at Cheescake Factory where I discovered I broke my camera. SIGH! It was totally accidental but the screen is now somehow distroyed and I'm pretty sure it happened this morning when I closed the car door and my purse was between the seat and the door. So sad for the camera, so mad at myself because I'm usually very careful with my things. I really loved that camera.

Next we drove down the very crowded GSP to Sandy Hook to see the Chapel at Sandy Hook. Like all places, it has its plusses and minuses, but it's basically out of our price range. It is on the bay, very cute, reception can be under a tent or in the converted chapel (which felt very secular as it is basically a big, open room), ceremony can be outside right next to the bay or inside a renovated theater if it rains. The chapel has big windows that they would have open, so it could be like having the reception outdoors without it actually being outdoors. They have a burger buffet option and their staff would wear Hawaiian shirts. They said having cupcakes instead of cake might cost more, they would check. They would set up centerpieces if they are not complicated. Plus it's a little sentimental since I took Pete to Sandy Hook the very first weekend he stayed with me. And I really love the idea of the ceremony and reception all being in the same place. Actually finding the place was a little convoluted because of some detours the park had posted (it's inside a National Park). It felt like the drive coming home took AGES. The traffic was much easier going home; it just felt like it took forever because we took a different route.

Tonight we need to pack, do some laundry and get the directions together for Christine's wedding in Asbury Park at Asbury Lanes (ceremony in a park; reception in a bowling alley).
Before the wedding we're going to check out the South Wall Banquet Facility.

Pete took pix of the Sandy Hook site with his camera, maybe he will post them later.


  1. I wonder if you can get the screen replaced on your camera? I had a problem with my laptop screen - it was becoming very dim and one side was worse than the other. I fortunately had somehow purchased the "we come to you and fixed your problem, extended plan" and so some guy came to my office and fixed it. It was actually super easy to fix - I could do it myself if it happens again. But I don't know where you'd get the part, though perhaps it's worth it to look into it if you really like your camera.

    Also, I just realized that you have the links for the possible wedding locations on your last post. I get the sense (based on previous posts and just from knowing you) that you'd be really happy with the Oak Tree Lodge. It's neat that you can get them to cater a picnic type deal! Looking forward to hearing more about your impressions as you continue your visits this weekend. Oh, and have a great time at your friend's wedding!

  2. Sandy Hook sounds like it meets a lot of your needs and wants. Hope it ends up being a contender. Not sure if this is a Blogger quirk, but your post popped up in my reader this morning (Sunday), though it is dated Friday.

  3. An update: I finally got around to posting a bunch of recent pictures, including the ones from Sandy Hook:


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