Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sleepy post

I will use this stash fabric with Simplicity 3833 to make a very retro 60's dress. I thought the fabric was a little like a little girl, but now I think I can wear it too.
I will use this fabric with Simplicity 3833

i love this fabric. this is blurry but it's truer to the colors:
this is blurry but shows the colors better

here's a non-blurry picture of the fabric:
This is not blurry

Maybe the hearts are too cutesy, but I'll go for it.

It's only a yard remnant. I'm thinking of making my own sleeveless cowl shirt...maybe. Or I'll just make a sleeveless version of the Vogue cowlneck from a few months back.

I had to leave my scissors because there was a 2 hour wait! I guess I'll go pick them up tomorrow.

My knees are not happy. I made the appt with the physiatrist for the 18th, his first available appt, and that was only because someone recently cancelled the appt. Back is ok-ish.

Oh, and when I went to drop off the scissors, I approached the circle and someone ahead of me actually went the wrong way around the circle!! But there were already cars going the right way around the circle! So wrong way guy drove on the cobblestones to make the left. When I left work tonight, the traffic was all backed up leaving campus, so I could turn around in my seat and take a picture of what the circle looks like when the person 3 weeks ago approached it (the person today approached it from a different direction). Are the dueling arrows what is confusing?
Are the dueling arrow signs why this is confusing?

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  1. I'd like to say that most of us probably have a filter that works pretty fast -- that would have us focus pretty quickly on the biggest arrow. Esp. if we've been driving a long time. But there are a lot of arrows in the frame, including a small black sign with two more arrows. They could be causing confusion, and if people don't slow down and sort it out, they'll end up charging into the circle and sorting it out while in there.


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