Tuesday, August 4, 2009

OMG So Many Things of Interest to Me!!!

  • Someone over at ReadyMade is doing A Week Without Plastic this week. The background to the story is here. Highly recommended reading.
  • I told my acupuncturist tonight how I'm interested in having my knees officially diagnosed and she recommended a physiatrist. Check out his web site; it's like the site is speaking directly to me and saying all the things I want to hear (in that Karen Tidmarsh/Mary Patterson McPherson way circa fall 1993)!!!!
  • I also told her I thought whoever diagnoses my knees would prescribe PT and I don't want to go back to the place where I had my back PT. She recommended a PT she knows who runs her own shop!!!! That is also what I want to hear!!!
  • The Star Ledger has a great article as well as a separate Q&A today with Isabel Toledo, who designed Michelle Obama's outstandingly classic lemongrass inauguration outfit. The article doesn't seem to be online, or at least not yet. Isabel is a former New Jersey resident. The title of the article is "Mrs. Obama's 'seamstress'".
  • Now there is a spoof of the wedding dancing down the aisle video, which, while not as good as the original, is nicely entertaining.
  • I walked to the Farmer's Market today. The black eyed susans are all bloomed out, said the farmer, so I bought some dianthus (sweet william). Pix tmw. He says they'll come back in September.
  • On the back of a truck, I saw the following: "Obama: Love Your President."
  • Tmw, I'm going to spend my lunch hour going to JoAnn's and back to have my sewing scissors sharpened! I don't think they've ever been sharpened, or if they have, it's been at least 10 years. I am overly excited about that!!! The sharpening sessions are always during the day, never after work, but I'm going to treat myself.
  • The Star Ledger brought back Frazz and Pickles to its print comics.
  • I looked at Star Trek dress tonight and thought, I want to wear it. But it's not finished. Yet.
  • My gym friend Ellen says she missing me at ramping! Awww!
  • I felt the fluttering again in my scalp during acu tonight. Karen said that's a great sign--it means the energy is flowing from my toes to my head, so it's really working.
  • Len returns tmw, I have my appt with him on Friday. I seem to be hanging on better than I thought without him. Dare I say I feel like I'm past all the bad back pain??? Knock on cyber-wood?
  • I'm going to try to get to work by 8am tmw.
  • I might cut out a dress tmw night since I won't have any appts and can come straight home from work. I have a huge personal to-do list with Pete's upcoming visit but I think I can knock out some more of it and cut the dress too.
  • I've been playing my Michael Bolton CD from 1989 in the car. I'm belting out "When I'm back on my feet again" on the commute.
  • The baked ziti from Massimo's and a chocolate milkshake from Thomas Sweet is the best carb filled dinner on the planet.
  • My tooth is still twitchy. Why???
  • Tmw night, I'm watching/taping Top ChefMasters from 8pm to 11. I missed the last few epis and thought I'd watch them last Saturday night--ha ha, Bravo was showing The Real Housewives of Atlanta instead. But I will catch up tmw night. It's so entertaining to watch professional chefs sweat out the challenges. They all have neat personalities, too. Love it!!
  • Oh, and I want to say, thank you everyone for reading my blog! Looky Daddy has decided to give up his hilarious parenting blog, which makes me sad, but I will have a tribute to him in a later post.
"Got everything?"
"Did you remember to bring your good attitude?"
--Exchange between Kathy Griffin and Tom on last night's Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

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  1. That is a lot of things! The dancing bailiffs and judge in that spoof video are hilarious. I was cutting with my ergonomic Fiskars yesterday and wondering if they might be getting dull. I also have some classic Gingher dressmaker shears but have grown to love my Fiskars....


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