Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wedding weekend all around

Chris and Christine Got Married!!
Bradley Park; Berkeley Carteret in background
The photogs
The lineup:  Officiant, Chris, his groomsmen
The vows

Asbury Lanes reception site!
Chris and Christine, newlyweds
closeup of Christine's cupcake topper; NJ flag
Chris's cupcake tower with Texas flag
Bowling did indeed take place
Aloha!!  and I need a haircut
Yet another awesome poster
Amazing Chinese lanterns
More general ambiance
Medina Sod rules
Picture slideshow of Chris and Christine when they were little

Free socks for bowling
Action shot

Chris and Christine's wedding & reception was amazing--clearly in the top two of weddings/receptions I've ever attended. I have posted pix online if you want to take a look at their beautiful outdoor ceremony and bowling alley reception. It was fun for us. And the whole thing was definitely them. (I made a separate smaller 23 picture album here if you'd prefer just a sample of the pix)

I'm in wedding overload, though, because in the past 3 days Pete and I have looked at 4 distinctly different places for our own wedding, attended Christine's wedding, bought my ring, picked up my resized rings, saw the lawyer, went to a bakery for a tasting. I'm exhausted.

Say hello to Ruby, my new camera:
My new camera, front
Ruby's battery is charging up....

Thank goodness we have the whole day to ourselves tomorrow with no appts (wedding or doctor). Tuesday the hamster wheel is back in motion, but for the next 35-ish hours, our time is mostly ours. Wedding budget numbers will be crunched soon. Whee!!!

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  1. That looks like a really great wedding! Nice cupcake tiered tree thingy. ;)


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