Wednesday, August 26, 2009

x-ray report

Tonight's inspirational reading is from my x-ray report. I'm going to ask for an MRI when I see the physiatrist on Sept 11. I called their office and said I don't want to get the back injection, but I'd like to talk more about my knees then. My acupuncturist looked at the x-ray images last night and said she thinks there's plenty of joint space and that my knee issues are soft tissue related. An MRI would confirm that.

Imaging Study: XR Knee Right 4VW
Clinical Statement: Right Knee Pain
Impression: Mild Degenerative Change
Comment: Four views of right knee were performed. There is mild joint space narrowing. There is some sharpening of the tibial spines. This is consistent with mild degenerative change. There is no evidence of fracture or dislocation. No other osseous abnormalities are noted.

Imaging Study: XR Left Knee 4VW
Clinical Statement: Left Knee Pain
Impression: Normal examination.
Comment: Multiple views of the left knee demonstrate no evidence of joint effusion. The distal femur, patella, proximal tibia and fibula are within normal limits. The joint space is well maintained. There is no loose intra-articular body.

I'm thrilled that at least one joint is normal from a structural standpoint! But for now my knees are still hurting. and my back. as you know.

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