Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Card for Chris and Christine's wedding

This Saturday is Chris and Christine's wedding. So tonight I made her the wedding card. Her wedding colors are orange and turquoise.

Here's the front of the envelope:
Outside of envelope for chris and christine's wedding

She's from Jersey; he's from Texas, so here's the front of the card:
front of card for for chris and christine's wedding

They're having their reception in a bowling alley, hence the interior of the card:
interior of card for chris and christine's wedding

and their honeymoon's in Mexico, so that's the back of the card:
back of card for chris and christine's wedding

I realize that I haven't really left anywhere for Pete and I to sign the card. But it was fun to make! We picked out the stickers on Sunday at Michael's. Some are glitter and some are sort of 3D. I think I spent about $10 on the stickers, but she definitely won't get another card like this one!!!

Oh, and as for our own wedding logo, I looked at it on my monitor at work today, and it looks horrible--the font is all jagged in my blog, but on the same monitor, the font looks fine on flickr. Both look fine on my netbook. Hopefully it looked all flowing and nice on your monitor too!!


  1. Wow! That is a knockout wedding card. I am going to have to rethink sending the card I bought several years ago for your wedding! Where did you find those *perfect* stickers? Also, I haven't seen Christine for years and it was fun to see her and also her fiance, so thanks for sharing. You can always go into card design if you get bored with your other careers!

  2. What a cool card! Great idea. I'm sure they will enjoy it for years to come. BTW, your wedding logo looked great on my laptop, no pixellation or anything!


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