Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lazy Sunday in Myrtle Beach

view from our balcony this morning

First off, I forgot to include in last night's bullet list the following:
  • We saw a young lady intentionally moon her friends (and everyone else) while in the surf.
  • Someone did set off fireworks last night right in front of our hotel; let's file that under "some things never change"
We had quite a lazy Sunday in Myrtle Beach today.
  • Saw the sun rising over the ocean this morning
  • Ate cereal here and then I went back to sleep (Pete is envious of my sleep--now he's the one having a hard time sleeping at night)
  • Had Shoney's breakfast buffet for lunch
  • Spent the afternoon on the beach, including maybe 15 minutes in the surf, which was pretty warm, slightly rough, and definitely a bit hard on my knees. I read another part of a book about back pain (will save that for another post)
  • Had K&W fried spaghetti, soft roll, broccoli and potato salad for dinner
  • Played a round of mini-golf that was really enjoyable as it was after dinner and not too hot. As for my back, I was fine for leaning over the club to putt. I'd drop the ball to the green and use my foot to position it for the initial putt. Pete would then pick the ball up out of the cup for me. The system seemed to work well. My knees handled the uneven terrain ok-ish. My left knee is annoyed but not too bad. My back hasn't been feeling too bad.
  • Had ice cream, yum.
  • Sat out on the balcony.
Now it will soon be time for bed!!

Pete adores this fake zebra
I love fake giraffes
They call him Dr. Perky
At the grocery store...Dr. Perky store-brand soda. No, we didn't buy it.

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  1. Dr. Perky -- awesome!!!!! Sounds like a perfect Sunday. :)


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