Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flower fun

The Tuesday Princeton Farmer's Market is great. I buy flowers there every week.
I finally brought my camera to work today to take some pix of the fuzzy sunflowers and black eyed susans I bought this week.

I thought the picture had been taken:

with 'FUZZY" sunflowers
Then we took it again. This is what I was going for:
My new eyes
But my eyes look too big. So I tried it with the black eyed susans:
Black eyed susans as eyes

Here's what Pete calls the "proof of concept" for our table cards. Instead of table numbers, we're having table names. This will rock out in colorful paper, with our wedding logo. The island is cut out of the paper on the fold (if that makes any sense). We're going to use Hawaiian town names (so from this one, will come the Volcano, Hilo, and Kona tables--they are all towns on the Big Island of Hawaii, as pictured here.)
Table cards draft 1
Tonight we pre-pack for Myrtle Beach! Whee!

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  1. Kudos to you for that flowery eye profile pic! I really, really like that idea for the table cards. You are making a lot of progress! Have a great trip to Myrtle Beach.


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