Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New doctor, new theory

There's a thunderstorm going on now--love it!!

This morning I went to a physiatrist--a doc who specializes in non-surgical treatment of spine and joint issues. He thinks my back pain is related to the disc--disc is bulging, there's inflammation, that makes the muscles all tight. When Len does his active release technique, it loosens the tight muscles. But then the pain returns because the underlying inflammation is still there. He said since I am seeing improvement, he thinks the disc is healing and the inflammation is reducing and the muscles are relaxing. He is encouraging me to get the disc injection--he thinks it will cure my pain, it will be one shot, by the time the injection wears off, the issue will have resolved itself. 2 shots, max. He said while he respects the ortho, he disagrees with his analysis, unless I presented differently to the ortho than I presented to him. He scheduled the injection for Sept 11. He said I can always cancel it and we can talk about my knees more then if I don't have the back injection. He said he does 12 injections a day. He said for 24 hours after the injection, there could be a very bad flareup, but that happens to 1 in 500 patients, and is followed by the relief.

As for my knees, he thinks it's a meniscus tear, and he ordered x-rays. He also said my right knee pushes out to the right and that could cause some pain and that it's common in women (my acu then later explained it's because women's hips are wider than their knees, which puts stress on the knee in a whole different way than in men). He said PT and the injection combined will help. He doesn't think the knees will ever heal on their own, and after 5 years of right knee pain, and a year plus of left knee pain, I agree. So I get my x-rays tmw morning bright and early at 8am and we'll go from there.

Oh, and the office building he's in is like being in a greenhouse--it's amazing! And he asked if I want coffee or tea. and he typed my history into a computer. And he said I have been bounced around a lot, and that my story is pretty unusual. and he encouraged me to get a primary care physician. All of the books he's authored or co-authored were in his waiting room.

I saw the acupuncutrist tonight and Pete came into the room with me for the needle insertion. He didn't get squeamish or anything about the needles. Karen said maybe it is time for me to get the injection.



  1. Two shots, max? Bold claim. Hope to see if he's right.

  2. Wow, so what exactly is the disc injection? Steroids of some sort? Are there any other or long lasting side effects?

  3. On an entirely different note, that thunderstorm was spectacular! Imagine being in the atrium at The Mill while that was going on!

  4. Hope that works for you. If you want to try something different, check my site: www.the-problemsolvers.com/674546

    My husband uses Icewave patches with lot of help to loose the pain he gets in his back and neck.


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