Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Deer in Princeton

Here's a deer in Palmer Square. I thought it was cute.
Deer in Princeton

It's hard to tell it's a deer from the front, though.
Front of deer in Princeton
It's in front of a store called Spruce. Ha! On Monday Nov 30, I came home from work instead of going to the gym because my cold was in full force. On Rt 27 a deer was standing in the oncoming lane. I hit the brakes because I didn't know if it was going to run into my lane. Thankfully it stayed put as I sort of slid past it in the rain. That's the closest I've ever been to an alive deer on the road.

So I want to go on the record as saying that when I told my acupuncturist about my jaw issues, she put a bunch of needles in me in some new places, including one on each side of my jaw. Then when I was lying on the table, I realized that I was salivating as if warm, cooked food was in the room. That continued during the entire treatment. Wild.

I made an appt to see my acupuncturist's primary care physician for Jan 12. I'm excited to have a physical and find out if I am overdosing or deficient in any vitamins, and just what the general state of my blood chemistry is. He's a DO so I take that to be a plus. A friend of mine has also been to this same doc, and said he is great.

Last night I went to the freebie spine class. It was a bit too long and I already knew most of it, but my coworker volunteered me to serve as the "model" for the exercises. That was great because my back was flaring and it felt good to lie down. The therapist had me do a pelvic tilt and a bridge for the demo, and then she showed me how to do a pelvic tilt where you start to go into the bridge vertebra by vertebra, and that felt really really good. I have incorporated that into my routine. She also showed me how to do a standing pelvic tilt. Oh, and I when I got onto the table, she said I did a perfect "log roll". I had no idea that the way I get into bed is called a log roll--I use my arms to get down onto my side while getting my legs up onto the bed, then roll onto my back, and the reverse to get out of bed.

Oh, and I abandoned and have been keeping a spreadsheet of 55 different items for about 6 weeks now to see if I can find any patterns for my pain. I really don't see patterns. My back is not flaring like it had been. It flared yesterday because I walked with my marathon-runner coworker to Nassau St. I should have asked her to slow down. I went to the gym tonight and it's feeling better. Keeping it moving is a good thing. My knees didn't hurt at all during gym class, not once. But when I came home, the right knee hurt for the first time in ages walking down stairs. I'm icing both of them now.

Update on LED solar lights: They stay lit til at least 10:30pm and who knows how much longer than that, if there was full sun that day. On rainy days, they don't last as long (definitely out by 9pm, and who knows when they actually went out...) Anyway, they make me smile when I come home! Mom bought me more LED solar lights which arrived today, so in a few days both trees in front of my house will be dually covered. :)
Good night!

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  1. "Log roll"? Sounds like something that gets served after Christmas dinner!


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