Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday night craft: Cookie labels

So next week we're having our cookie exchange at work, which involves making 6 cookies per person, putting them into a bag, labelling them with the recipe, and then in a few months we'll all receive a million cookies in the mail.

Oh wait, that's chain letters.

So after watching Addicted to Plastic early in the year, I decided I would start saving my "disposable" plastic containers and see if I could reuse them for other purposes. I eat a lot of nuts each week which come in, ta-da, plastic containers. I now seem to have a bazillion of the containers. The containers have labels on the lid, the sides of the container, and/or the bottom. These containers would be perfect, I think, for the cookie exchange, and for those who are receiving cookies from me as a gift.

I just adore our wedding fonts, which are Wendy and Century Gothic, and adore the freebie clipart from (Pete bought the Wendy font this summer and installed it on my computers; Century Gothic comes with Office.) I saved snowflake clipart from Here's the result of the merge of ideas:

Extra close up cookie tag & lid

I wrote up the text and arranged the snowflake clipart in powerpoint. I drew a circle to help me frame the work and give me a guide for when I cut the tags with scallop scissors.

I had some heavy paper leftover from a project from like 9 years ago. I only had one sheet of forest green but the other colors don't look too bad...
cookie labels at a distance

The idea is I will tape the label to the top of the lid, and will use up the containers that have no labels on their sides first. It doesn't matter if there's a label on the bottom since the cookies will hide that.

Cookie labels close up

These tags turned out even better than I imagined. There's a lot to be said for printing black text on colored paper. It's not color printing, but I think it looks mighty fine! I could imagine making gift tags this way as well.

So that was a nice project for a Thursday night. I'll make the cookies on Sunday.

Good night!


  1. This is a brilliant idea. I will have to download some clipart for my card-making!

    Helen (Pete's friend's wife for whom you purchased some Burts Bees lip balm! - thanks very much!)

  2. Cookie chain letters -- awesome! I like your label idea, and this is a brilliant way to re-use those pesky plastic containers. There's a giant snowflake idea from Dana at MADE that I want to try... didn't know Microsoft had snowflake clip art. I will have to check those out.

  3. They look awesome, Kyle! Like you went to the store to buy the containers. I love the labels and what a great re-use of containers. I need to start saving the large round cookie tubs I get from T. Joe's. They would be perfect for holiday cookie gifts I like to give folks at work - and so much better than buying new plastic or other containers every year. I might even "steal" your label idea.


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