Thursday, December 31, 2009


Squeaking in one last post for 2009.
Sneak peeks at what I did today:
fixed droopy cowl neck from my "fail" post by folding over the collar (ok, this is really from yesterday but I took the pic tonight). Now it's more like a neat boat neck.

folded over floppy cowl neck equals happy camper

Made wearable muslin yoga pants--has a nifty yoke-waistband thing. By "wearable" I mean, worn in the comfort of my own home. I never think heathered light gray is all that flattering but I shockingly made a muslin this time using crummy fabric I didn't care about before cutting into my precious $10 a yard double knit. I think it will look much better in chocolate brown.
yoga style pants wearable muslin
I actually made a sway back adjustment. I took a picture of my rear but really, have no guts to post it. Also, this pattern shockingly thinks that the pants will hold themselves up against gravity, so I added elastic to the waistband. I'll blog the pattern number later.

This is a disaster shirt from 2008 that I never finished. I might have a before photo of it lurking around somewhere. Probably 8 months ago I ripped out the bad collar and have been thinking about what to do with it from time to time. Tonight I actually sewed up the sides and hemmed the armholes and edge of the shirt. This is where it's heading: ruffle-land.
ruffles:  I'm workin' on it

It's almost 2010 here. At 8pm I didn't think I'd stay awake past 9 and somehow I've inadvertently stayed up. Hmmmm.

Happy New Year! And happy blue moon!


  1. Happy New Year to you! Sounds like things are going well and I'm glad to hear you are back at the gym, enjoying it and only having soreness. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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