Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow, and Simplicity 2618 in progress

Look what I bought at Newark Airport. It's by Papyrus:
I'm More Interesting on My Blog card by Papyrus

It snowed today! The white lines are the start of the snow (can you spot the squirrel in the tree?)
squirrel on tree during start of snow

By night, the tree looked like this (different angle):
snow on 12/5/09

Here's a different tree:
snow on 12/5/09

And here's my Japanese maple, making a complicated, spaghetti kind of "web":
snow web on 12/5/09

I've gotten the house mostly back in order, after a rather congested, cough-ridden morning. Finally my lungs and nose started to clear, so I decided to take a stab at Simplicity 2618. I had cut it out 3 weeks ago, so I just had to iron on some interfacing for the facings and hit the sewing machine. Here it is, in progress:
Simplicity 2618 in progress
Somehow I was not accurate enough with the pleats, so the front facing is too short. Not a little too short, waaaay too short. (but if I match the tissue pattern facing to the tissue pattern front after folding on the pleat lines, it seems like it would work, so it's definitely my fault). So tomorrow I'll rip out the pleats and try again. Instead of marking the pleat lines with tailor's pencil, I will make a small snip with my scissors instead where each pleat line is. That method should be more accurate. Right now the pleats are not evenly spaced, which is annoying. But I will fix it tmw.
Simplicity 2618 in progress

Well, you know, it's getting to the end of the year and I'm thinking about writing an introspective year-end lists for my sewing. Hopefully it won't disappoint.

Good night!


  1. Hey there:
    I really hate facings on a knit shirt - they never seem to lie correctly. Have you thought about finishing the neckline a different way? I like french binding (I think that is what it is called) Use the shirt fabric, cut on the most stretch, about 6 times the width of the final binding, and fold it in half lengthwise....

    Check Threads magazine, issue 65 there's a whole article by Marcy Tilton on t-shirts/knit shirts.
    Hope this helps, great colour on you!

  2. I think you're even more interesting in real life than you are on your blog! px


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