Saturday, December 12, 2009

Butterick 5101 & LED solar lights: What do you think?

So today I cut out and sewed up Butterick 5101. (oops, originally in this post I said it was McCall's)
Here's the Batman shot:
McCalls 5101

Here's so you can see the detail of the rouching and the knot. It's purple double knit fabric I've had in stash for 8 months or so.
McCalls 5101

Let's just say that cutting this out was a squeaker. I had 2 yards and an inch or two of fabric; the pattern calls for 2 and an eighth. The eighth is for the length of the ties. The ties were way too long anyway so I shortened them by about 3 inches. I had to take about an inch and a half off the length of the sleeves, so if I ever make this again, laying out the pattern on the fabric should be easier just with that edit.

Here's the back and a view of those dolman sleeves:
McCalls 5101 back

So, I'm not sure if I like this one or not. What do you think? Can I wear it to work? Is it too much like pajamas? Too much like yoga wear?

In other news, my solar LED Christmas lights arrived! Here's what it looked like when there were 50 lights on each tree:
when each tree only had 50 lights each

It was too skimpy, so I put both sets on one tree:
tree with 100 solar LED lights
Much better! The lights aren't really that bright in real life. In fact, they are much dimmer than regular Christmas lights. They're white but have a bluish tinge. But it is really thrilling for me to have outdoor lights for the first time ever in front of my very own house! It's awesome to not worry about where they will plug in, or timers, or anything like that. It was a beautiful sunny day today so the charger had plenty of sunlight. They came on automatically as it got dark out. I just checked now, almost 5 hours later, and they are still going strong (while my neighbor's solar powered walkway lights are all out)!

I wrapped some presents last night. The red and white ornament wrapping paper was rescued from a trash bin outside a Princetonian's house during the summer of 2008. I would have bought paper like that!

I've given up on curling ribbon and am using some leftover florist ribbon. I'm just knotting it instead of doing bows and I think it looks ok. Easier to transport, too, won't get flattened and no time spent curling!

And how could I not include some cupcakes??? Survey says that one in four cupcakes is in a festive holiday mood.

12/12/2009 cupcakes

Good night!


  1. The top is certainly worksite appropriate, and flattering. I would like to request that you change the light in your bathroom ... the current light makes your purple top look brown. If you've got a CFL in there, try a 6500 K rating. The yellow tinge just isn't kind to children and other living things.
    Great top, i now want that pattern!

  2. I love it!! I have this pattern and have been dragging my feet, but I really love your top, so I think I'll haul it out and make it up. It is very flattering on you. I think with some black slacks it would be very workplace appropriate.

  3. Well, I like that top a lot! The shorter ties work well -- good call. And your smile in the top photo is great, like you feel really happy in the new top, too.

  4. I like the top, it has an elegant sophistication (much like yourself). But er why "batman"?
    Also, glad to hear that the outdoor lights are all you dreamed of and more!


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