Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mission cookie: complete! Plus ties for New Look 6729

I have a fire burning in the fireplace, and Santa just came by on the back of a firetruck, so the party's in full swing over here. Let's start the show!

The tree on the left has 75 LED solar lights; the tree on the right has 100 (one set of 25 is a dud...). I love the eerie glow of the lights through the snow.
both trees with lights!  love the eerie glow through the snow

Antoinette, I'm jealous of your Texas weather right now! A foot of snow greeted me by my front door this morning. 2 feet had drifted up against the passenger side of my car (the snow came up to my knees over there!) I like the shadows here:
shadows in the snow

I cleared off my car and shoveled out half the back of the car; my neighbor Bruce said I shouldn't be shoveling and shoveled out the rest of the car. Since today was Project Cookie day, I gave him a stack of cookies to say thanks! Since the snow is the powdery type, I probably could have shoveled it all myself. But I was grateful for his help (and if it was the wet type of snow good for making snowballs, I doubt I could have shoveled it at all--too difficult for my back).

I wound up making three batches of Toll House chocolate chip walnut cookies from scratch today. Here's what part of what the haul looks like:
a whole slew of cookies!

In all I have 4 rectangle containers with 18 cookies each, 1 small black round container with 12 cookies, 7 nut containers with 6 cookies each, 2 more nut containers with about 10 cookies each, and 2 BIG round containers with my disaster batch (more on that later).

So round labels look better on round containers, but I'm not going to make rectangular tags for rectangular containers now! (The black containers with clear lids are from Olives where I buy lunch sometimes. They write the price of the lunch on the lid with sharpie marker, but that comes off with soap and water!).

And here's a side view. For the cookie exchange, it's 6 cookies per person, so they don't go to the top:
side view of cookies

And here's a whole bag full ready for deployment:
bag o' cookies ready for deployment!

Needless to say, I have plenty of nut containers left over. Plenty. and a bunch of Olives containers too.

My confession is my second batch of cookies was my disaster batch because I realized that I hadn't put the flour and baking soda in until after I already stirred in the morsels and nuts. Ha ha ha ha ha! So the cookies come out looking a bit weird, like maybe they are oatmeal instead of chocolate chip. They still taste the same. I'm not giving those away as gifts, though. Here's what they look like:

big container of cookies

And in other news, you can see what I did to make the ties on New Look 6729 a bit more interesting (somewhat parallel rows):
ties on new look 6729

Good night!

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  1. I'd like to come visit your winter, but I much prefer to live in my winter! It's beautiful up there but the reality of dealing with that snow, day after day, looks tough. Your tree lights look great under the snow!


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