Sunday, December 6, 2009

Simplicity 2618 View A DONE

I took a two hour nap this afternoon, complete with wierdy dreams (working at a restaurant on a carousel while visiting my uncle in his old house? yup). So that means I'm wide awake now!

I finished off Simplicity 2618 view A this evening. Not crazy about the weirdy hem, but I think when I wash it again it's going to resolve itself.
Simplicity 2618 done

It was a bit of effort to get the shirt to this point. I removed yesterday's pleats, but the neckline was all stretched out. Washed and dried it again to get it to go back to its original shape. Then I snipped at the pleat lines, but it's a knit, duh, so it started to expand where the cuts were. I then compensated for that by pleating beyond the cut line. Somehow the neckline was still too wide for the cut facings. I wound up using minimal seam allowance on the facings to get this to work. I then understitched the facings and stitched in the ditch. It doesn't seem like the facing will flip out (a reviewer on SPR said her facing kept flipping out) but I did use heavy shirt-weight interfacing so maybe that is anchoring it.

Simplicity 2618 done the whole thing

I'm not in love with this shirt but maybe it will grow on me--I mean, I was really lusting after that neckline earlier but now that it's done, I'm not so sure. This is the last of this fabric. I previously made a skirt from it which I really didn't like (I didn't like it so much that apparently I never took a picture of it...hmmm). So there will be no more icky disasters/pseudo-disasters/doubtful feelings/whatever from this piece of fabric ever again.

I have to get up at 6:30am tmw but I am so wide awake now, we'll see.

Cold is lingering, but is going away. My back is doing really well, as are my knees. Definitely feeling like I have more mobility.


  1. This day's which you working is on right spot.
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  2. hey cute - it's a great looking top, LOVE those pleats!

  3. I also think those pleats are incredible. I really like this one! Great color too.


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