Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Look 6729, now in turquoise

Gingerbread cookies from Michele!
Home made from scratch gingerbread cookies from Michele--thanks, Michele!

Thanks everyone for the comments about the cookie labels/tags! I'm feeling quite smug about them myself. I will make the cookies tomorrow (Sunday) though the exchange has now been moved to Tuesday. There's just no way I'm going to work all day Monday, go to the gym and then come home and bake cookies. No way, no how.

Anyway, there are all sorts of free clipart and photos on the microsoft website, which I use at work in my presentations and documentation. Just type clipart in the search box at the home page. I've been using their free clipart and photos ever since a colleague of mine introduced me to it. I don't know if it makes my users laugh, but it makes me laugh.

I read two blog postings today about hoarding. Well, here are the nut containers I've been hoarding at work since January. Spot the non-nut container in this photo:
Mostly plastic nut container collection (spot the non-nut container!)

For the nut containers, there are two sizes: small and large:
small nut container (left).  large nut container (right)

I also have a variety of plastic food takeout containers that could work as well.

The snow is certainly flying. It sounds like it's the kind of powdery snow, not the wet, good-for-snowballs kind. Periodically I hear it hit the window.

So today I made New Look 6729, which I had made a year ago. Apparently I never blogged it, but here's the version from last December:
Detail of New Look 6729, view A

This time I made it two sizes smaller (the 12) and the ties are shorter (due to lack of fabric issues) and the neckline is not as wide. And now it's in turquoise instead of dark berry fabric.

The Batman shot:
New Look 6729 Batman shot

The front view:
New Look 6729  front

The back with Dolman sleeve action, plus you can see how the ties criss-cross in back:
New Look 6729 back (dolman sleeve)

The side view (slight sway back: I've got it!). Plus I really wanted to keep that light bulb in the shot for some reason...
New Look 6729 side

So maybe I should have only gone down one size instead of two, as it might be too small in the chest? least this time the sleeves are wide enough in the bicep area. I'm thinking of doing minimal seam allowances on the first version in the bicep area as that somewhat annoys me when I wear the shirt. There's also some fraying issues I would like to resolve with the older version. :)

So, what do you think about it?

Good night!

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  1. I think the first version def. looks a bit big, but the second one looks just right. The question is: How do you feel wearing it? Very cool pattern!


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