Tuesday, December 22, 2009

EPIC WIN: My 2009 Sewing Favorites

Almost two weeks ago I blogged about my 2009 Sewing Disasters. Today it's time for a positive spin with my 2009 retrospective on my sewing wins!

Let's start the show!

I think it's a tie for my two favorite garments of the year.

1. First up is my white jacket:
Simplicity 2558, finished
I fell in love with the embroidered fabric at JoAnn's, ignored it for a shopping trip or two, finally succumbed to it even though the fabric is impractically white. I whipped up a coat in a weekend-ish.

I'm not loving them hem, but I was very proud of the bias taped interior finish. You know I must be, because I never showed the interior of a garment before, have I? I added pockets the following weekend because the lack of pockets was driving me insane.
Interior pocket Simplicity 2558

I also added the loop for hanging up the coat in my gym locker:

loop for hanging up my coat Simplicity 2558

I also love these buttons (though the jacket actually snaps shut):
Simplicity 2558 snaps with fake out buttons

I wore it everyday until the temp dropped to the 30's.

2. This is a tie for #1, essentially. It was my first attempt at piping something, and I absolutely fell in love with the technique!

Full length view of Simplicity 3696 view F
I wore it all winter. And now I'm wearing it again on weekends. Plus I finally got to use stash fabric that's upwards of 12 years old!
Simplicity 3696 view F.  Isn't that piping sharp?

3. So once I started piping, I couldn't stop, with this nightgown and bathrobe set!
I wore the bathrobe every weekend during the summer.
view E of New Look 6443 view A

Overall, I think it's pretty cool.
Front of New Look 6443 view A
I also made the nightgown again, this time in a black print with red piping:
New Look 6443  view A version 2.0  in progress

I actually never wore this nightgown, though (yes I can hear you all gasping!)
New Look 6443  view A version 2.0 in progress

4. I was doing physical therapy when I made this pillow (I mean, not during therapy itself). I told the therapist that I sew, and when she asked what I was making, she sort of scoffed at the idea of a pillow, like pillows are so easy. But this was more complicated than what I think she had in mind:
Boom!  It's done with the pillow form inside. Amy Butler snow mum pillow.
At the time, I believe I blogged that it's one of those projects best done slowly, a bit at a time. There's no instant gratification with a pillow like this.
I really should fill out the corners with some stuffing (it's currently stuffed with a pillowform).

I look at it everyday on my Ikea chair and it makes me smile.
doesn't it look so nice??

5. I just adore this cowl neck shirt. I made it again this year, this time in gray. It was worn quite frequently, along with the original pink version.
New Look 6807 in gray!
The ties on the back are just adorable.
New Look 6807, super cute ties in back

6. I only made this 2 weekends ago, but it is destined to become a shirt I wear frequently. I was unsure of the overall look, but I wore it to work and felt very comfy in it. The fabric is just delightful and soft!!
Butterick 5101 in new light

7. I was pretty happy with this shirt that looks more like a jacket once the puckering collar issue was resolved. I wear it about once a week. I rediscovered the joy of princess seaming.
Close up of New Look 6815, no puckering!
I never should have washed it, though. It was kind of brutal to the fabric.

8. I'm very fond of this Built by Wendy shirt, especially now that I've worked the sizing of the biceps out! I think the ties are adorable!
Simplicity 3835, view B with view C's elasticized neckline, ironed.

9. I really love the pleating of this neckline!
Simplicity 2892, view B, without sleeves

10. And I like my little giftmas gift to myself: this red nightgown. I've worn it quite a lot lately.
Simplicity 3696, full view, done

So that's it for my 2009 epic wins! I think my next "epic" post will be about what I learned about sewing this year. :)

So it was a lot funnier to write about failures than the wins...Good night!


  1. Those are great! I'm particularly loving the pillow, the grey (and pink, which I saw in person) tie-neck knit tops, and the black print nightgown! Seems your faves tend to include much of your sleepwear.... or is it my imagination?

  2. Some great wins there! Nice work for 2009 ... and it's not quite over yet (I estimate still 9 potential sewing evenings left before the end of the year :)

  3. You really must be happy with these clothes. They are lovely and look great on you!
    I too love th cowl neck. Very nice pattern. And the red/black nightdress.

  4. That cowl neck top is really gorgeous- what pattern is it?
    And do you know what? I flippin love your startrek dress from your "failures" post.


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