Saturday, January 30, 2010

Almost Done, Really: Simplicity 2508

Simplicity 2508 almost done: hand in pocket
I don't know why my hand isn't all the way in the pocket--I made them large enough to accommodate my entire hand...

Thanks everyone for your comments! I'm heading down the home stretch...

  • Fixed the puckered collar (turns out when I sewed the collar in, the edge of the collar wasn't all the way up to the edge of the jacket...which created said pucker).
  • Sort of fixed the right pocket (it's as good as it's going to get)
  • Anchored sleeve tabs and sewed buttons to sleeves. (I'm thinking of maybe sewing the tab tighter to create a gathered, vaguely ruffled effect.)
  • Hemmed the sleeves.
  • Hemmed half of the bottom of the jacket (the left side).

So I still have to hem the right side and install buttonholes and buttons.
Definitely home stretch time!

Yeah, I definitely think I'll sew the sleeve band tighter to have the gathered effect. I think this photo is crying out for that.
Simplicity 2508 almost done: hand not in pocket

Let's see that lining again. It's actually hemmed on that side now.
Simplicity 2508 almost done:  lining hemmed on my right side (but still pinned on the left)
Good night!

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