Sunday, January 24, 2010

Simplicity 2508 jacket in progress

Previously I told you of my plans to sew Simplicity 2508 during my 3 day weekend (I'm taking tmw off). Here's the progress so far:
  • Friday night: washed fabric
  • Saturday night: cut out exterior fabric
  • Today: Sewed the exterior
  • Tmw: cut out lining, sew lining
  • Sometime during week: hand sew where necessary, decide on "buttons and buttonholes" vs "snaps and fake out buttons", cut threads, wear with pride!

I'm pretty excited about where this jacket is going.

Here's the Batman shot:
Simplicity 2508 in progress the batman shot

Here's a closeup of the collar, which came out really nicely without a lot of effort, shockingly!!
Simplicity 2508 in progress close up of collar

Here you can see the sleeve with the sleeve tab (and my "tape" label to let me know which side is up!). I thought the sleeve tab was too low so I moved it up an inch.
Simplicity 2508 in progress sleeve with sleeve tab

Here's the back, with another "tape" label on the collar.
Simplicity 2508 in progress, back

It's hard to see the back tab in the above shot. I just adore the back tab, cut on the bias. It's easier to see the tab here. I hadn't put the sleeves in just yet.
Simplicity 2508 in progress when it was sleeveless

The tab was too high on my back in my opinion, so I moved it lower. Also, the back of the jacket was too big, so I wound up taking it in quite a lot, so I think there's one inch seams now.

I also thought the pockets were too hands don't really fit in them and they aren't deep either. I'd be too afraid something would fall out. Also, I used my funky lining fabric but it could be seen (as in the above shot)! So I ripped out the pockets and used larger pockets from another pattern. Yes, I could have used the patch pockets that come with the pattern, but I prefer pockets on the seams.

This corduroy fabric I'm using is very "sheddy". I'm finding little bits of fluff everywhere. I will definitely clean the lint out from my machine after this. But I love the fabric. It's super soft and fluffy. I was sure to cut the fabric with the nap. That way I can "pet" my jacket.

Again, I'm very excited about where this jacket is going!!


  1. Your jacket is moving along so well. I'm excited about making this one as well and seeing the flattering lines on you just reinforces that good impression.

  2. Your jacket is looking great! Nice sewing. I'm glad I found your blog. I'll be watching for more from you.

  3. How did I miss this post? Saw the photos on Flickr and decided I should pop over. I really enjoy when little details get cut on the bias and you can appreciate the 45-degree-ness of things!

    So here I am, an hour away, wishing I had coordinated with you to see if you were up for dinner tonight. *sigh* Sometimes ideas come to me too late. March for sure!


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