Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quick sewing evening

I spent a lot of today cleaning, which means not much sewing. But I did squeak in a little sewing time.

Made a new pillowcase made with fabric fresh off the JoAnn's bolt (also made my mom an apron out of the same fabric):
My new pillowcase

Made Pete this hat for the third time (take 1: it was too long; take 2: I messed up and cut the fabric the wrong way, so it didn't stretch in the right direction so it's too tight; hopefully take 3 will be just right this time--it stretches and has the shorter hem.)

Pete's hat, take 3

Here's a preview of what's coming. Guess what I'm going to make out of this fabric:
preview of what's coming soon

Here's a pile o' knit fabric. Some stash, some fresh off the JoAnn's bolt.
Stack o' knits

I'm truly a glutton for punishment and am thinking of entering the SPR Refashioning contest. It ends on 1/14 at midnight so I'd have to make the item next weekend. I'm trying to decide if I should make something pretty (nice shirt) or something cute/funny (shirt for the gym).

I loved this four day weekend and am sad to see it go. Sigh!

Good night!


  1. Love the pillowcase! and the fabric with the silhouettes of the horse riders (no idea what you'll make however).

    Thanks for making me another hat btw! It's getting so cold now that I may plan to wear all three at once :)

  2. Happy New Year to you and your new blog! I like the fresh green color, which seems to match Pete's new hat. No guesses on the southwestern-themed fabric. I hope you def. enter the refashion contest and represent. I doubt I'll get to make anything for it this year, with such a busy month and a short contest time.

  3. Happy New Year! Loved the review.

    I have a question regarding the fabric. Is that a red cherry print on black knit I see!?!?

    Joann's, right? I LOVE cherry prints as a rule! TIA

  4. LaKaribane: yes yes, it's red cherry print on black knit fabric!! I bought it on Fri. at JoAnn's. It's only $3.50 a yard regular price. It was next to the other knits, in a section of printed knits that were also $3.50 a yard. I thought the cherries were the best one. But don't go looking for it in Lawrenceville, NJ--I bought the remainder of the bolt!


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