Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New year, new primary doctor

my hair, when I woke up this morning
My hair, this morning. It was like a big fan across my head.

Just got back from my first new doc appt of the year. My acupuncturist recommended him. Let's just say that this doctor is miles above my old primary care doc in Piscataway. MILES.
  • He's a DO, which I think makes a difference.
  • I got my first ever flu vaccine (plus swine flu and tetanus booster). One in each arm and one in the hip.
  • He gave me a prescription for a lidocaine patch, so if I have another bad back flare up, I can use it. I had read about such patches but I think I found out about them after my flurry of doc visits last summer. He said it's like having novacaine for a filling--only it's a patch, not a shot. For some reason, I'm incredibly excited about having this patch, like it's giving me another option.
  • He doesn't think I have lymes. If I did, I would be achy all over and have some other symptoms, which I'm not and I don't.
  • He thinks my orthopedic doc is a physiatrist
  • He said he recommends a physiatrist at all his patients love and maybe I should go to him. I said, "Is it Grant Cooper?" and he said "Yes! You've been to him too?" Why yes I have!
  • He thinks my rib and my ankle problems are not real causes for concern. Those things plus my back and knees are all mechanical, not systemic or the result of disease.
  • He thinks I'm young to have osteoarthritis in my knee but clearly I do as per the x-ray report.
  • He is not really pro-supplement. He doesn't think I should be taking the vitamin C or magnesium, that it's just a waste of money. He feels the results on glucosamine are mixed--if it helps, fine. He thinks I might be taking too much vitamin D and that I probably get enough with my diet.
  • He asked if I had physical therapy. I told him yes, and that it made things generally worse.
  • He gave me some new options for treating my acne
  • He looked at my moles and thought that I should see a dermatologist but they are probably all ok. Even the ugly slightly asymmetrical two-toned one I've had forever.
  • He recommended a few gynocologists.
  • He ordered fasting bloodwork for me which will include a vitamin D test. So that's Monday morning.
Overall I was really happy with him. He seemed to listen for the most part, he seemed interested--I wish I had gone to him a year ago. Like my acupuncturist, I knew I liked him as soon as I saw him. My last physical was in Nov 2007 and my old doc did an EKG and urine test, which this doc didn't do. Plus this doc didn't make me sit around in my skivvies and gown. There was a separate nurse for doing vaccinations, a different one who did blood pressure (112/66) and pulse (84). It seemed like a well oiled machine. He did take a call and left the room, but I heard him say, "Your father has acute leukemia" so I really didn't mind.

I feel like I'm off to a good start health-wise. Getting my medical team all together. I have my chiropractor, my acupuncturist, my physiatrist, and my primary care physician. Just a few more docs to go.

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