Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Look 6731 view C-ish and other things

New Look 6731 view C-ish
Today I made New Look 6731. I've made view A before with the length of view B (that's the one with the floppy cowl collar that I folded over recently to make the cute boat neck). This time I made view C with long sleeves, no sleeve band, and made it the length of view B (shirt length).

I like this shirt quite a lot--the gathers and the nice neckline which is actually interfaced and has a facing. It took me two attempts to get the neckline right, but, channeling Heidi Klum, "it's cute, no?" (I think next time I might interface both the collar and the collar facing to keep the facing from growing (stretching) while I sew it.)

Hmmm...I just realized I'm not wearing my glasses in these photos. Most of my readers have not seen me without glasses before. I'm not wearing contacts, I just didn't put my glasses back on when I put the shirt on.

New Look 6731 view C-ish

I haven't posted my 2010 sewing goals yet, but one of them is to sew with more color and less black and brown. So I'm starting off the new year with this bright springy green, even though it's 20F outside right now (that's -7C for my non-US friends). I'll wear this to work sometime next week, though it's sure to have an undershirt underneath and a jacket, sweater, or cardigan on top. (The fabric is hot off the bolt at JoAnn's 30% off "sew classic knits" cotton/poly sale).

New Look 6731 view C-ish back

For those who love my "oops" shots, here you go:
New Look 6731 view C-ish oops shot

I'm in the process of "pile elimination" around my home--you know, the piles of magazines, books and papers that "pop up" spontaneously and linger. During one pile elimination yesterday I found this iron-on transfer which I think is from JoAnn's circa March 2008. It was marketed for baby clothes but you know how I love cupcakes. Thought this would be great for the gym since I like to wear fun shirts at the gym.
Cupcake iron on transfer didn't quite transfer very well.
Unfortunately the "cupcake" word didn't transfer very well onto my pre-owned store bought shirt. So I'm in the process of mindlessly removing the letters. Also the cherry stem didn't fare very well either. It came with another transfer that I don't care about very much, but that one has the word "sweetie". I'm thinking of maybe trying to transfer "sweet" underneath the cupcake. This time I would hold down the iron for the full 80 seconds. Maybe that's the issue?

In other weather news, think this snow mound reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream. No snow, clean snow, dirty snow. Or no snow, new snow, old snow.
it's like a neopolitan

And finally, how many solar panels can you count in this picture?
how many solar panels do you see in this photo?

Good night!


  1. I like your top, why can't I take pictures like that?

  2. Love the new blog look! and the two shirts. And I counted 9 solar panels, but I think that there must be at least one more?


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