Friday, January 29, 2010

Continuing on: Simplicity 2508 jacket still in progress

I cut out the lining tonight and sewed it up and put it on for fun:
Simplicity 2508 in progress what the lining looks like

Pretty wild, huh?
Simplicity 2508 in progress I put the lining on for fun

I sewed it partially in. The hem is just pinned here.
Simplicity 2508 in progress full view of front

Here's the flasher shot:
Simplicity 2508 in progress flasher shot

Here's my bad pocket; I'll fix that tmw. The other pocket is pretty a-ok now that I've "fixed" it for the third time. The hem is just pinned there so it's wavy.
Simplicity 2508  in progress bad pocket

Here's a closeup of the collar. I see a little weirdy pucker on the facing that I'll fix tmw:
Simplicity 2508  in progress up close of front

Last weekend I moved the back tab down, now I've moved it somewhere half way up:
Simplicity 2508  in progress back of jacket

Let's look at that fabulous lining again (with a card of buttons):
Simplicity 2508  in progress lining of jacket

Here's the back of the jacket as it stands right now:
Simplicity 2508  in progress back of jacket

And here's a mockup of the tab detail. I still love the bias cut of the tab. And I adore those buttons. Totally reminds me of a jacket my dad had when I was little.
Simplicity 2508 in progress tab detail mockup

So far, so good. Tmw will be some sleeve and bodice hemming, pucker and pocket fixing. Still need to decide on buttonholes and buttons vs fakeout buttons with snaps.

Good night!


  1. Me too - totally loving the lining - the contrast between the corduroy and the blue burst of light is just fantastic. I think you are going to have to flash heaps with that coat when you've finished.

  2. I love a fun lining! You're doing a terrific job on that coat.

  3. What a beautiful coat! I love the lining! Can't wait to see the finished product.


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