Saturday, January 9, 2010

Asterisk: reverse applique and New Look 6734

reverse applique tests

One of my (unpublished) goals for this year is to learn reverse applique. I googled and found a great tutorial for knit reverse appliques online at "That Darn Kat". I then used to find clipart.

Above are some of my tests. Does the test on the bottom look like anything to you? If yes, please leave a guess. Through the test I found that I needed to start with a really simple design. Thus the asterisk was born. (I thought about scissors but that seemed too complicated/abstract/like it wouldn't be clear).

Then I made up New Look 6734 view C and while I love the reverse applique, I really don't like the shirt. It is intended to be a gym shirt, but basically I think I should have gone with the 14 instead of the 16 as there are some gaposis issues in the back and front and too-wide armholes and too-wide neckline. I should have trusted the pattern finished measurement.

I used a discarded mock turtleneck from my dad to make this shirt so I can add it to SPR's refashion contest. I'm thinking of attempting to refashion a different shirt (one of my shirts that I sewed in the summer of 08 and never wore) tomorrow...with the same reverse applique (well, I have to do it over again, but it will still be an asterisk). This time the fabric is brown but the applique will still be turquoise. I think that's a better color combo--but it will be difficult to squeeze the shirt out of this other shirt). The shirt will be a different pattern with a much tighter neckline. If it turns out how I envision, I will enter that one in the contest instead. But if I run out of time (a possibility, as I have a LOT to do tomorrow) I will enter this one instead.

I spent too many hours on this to admit. But I'm almost done picking apart the brown shirt I want to use.

Here's the mock turtleneck:

Dad's mock turtleneck I used for refashion

Here's the finished product:

New Look (er, number to be inserted later) with reverse applique

Here's the brown shirt I'm in the process of picking apart:
my summer 08 shirt I want to use for refashion

Good night.


  1. Ok, the cut out looks like a hummingbird drinking from a flower.. was I right or are you going to call the psych unit?

    cute refashion - lookin' good

  2. I think it's a hummingbird at a flower- if not at least Mary Nanna will have company in the unit

  3. I like the asterisk top! Third vote for hummingbird and flower.

  4. It's unanimous, it's a hummingbird, right?

    Also, if you like reverse applique, have you seen The Alabama Stitch Book or the projects here.


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