Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's DONE: Simplicity 2508

Simplicity 2508 DONE:  flasher shot
The flasher shot. I even broke out the gorillapod for this one.

I don't know why I'm acting like I don't have to go to work tomorrow. I have a boat load of stuff to do tomorrow.

The coat is DONE. Let's just say, that like some children, this is one well-photographed coat. Can you tell that I really really love it?

I'm only annoyed that I didn't make it big enough to wear it with two layers underneath. It's fine with a shirt underneath, but it's a bit tight with a sweater and a shirt underneath.

Even though I had to do several things 2, 3 or 4 times (I'm looking at you, pockets, hem, buttons, fixing collar puckers, back tab), it didn't really bother me. I never had a panicked "it's not going to turn out right" moment. I *knew* it was going to look good. :)

Also, it was pretty funny for me to be sewing this last night (a Project Run(a)way pattern) while watching this week's Project Runway on my laptop. I pretended Tim's comments applied to my jacket. Yes, Tim, you *are* intrigued by my jacket.

Let's start the show, of pix you feel like you've seen before but haven't because this time the jacket is actually finished.

The Batman shot:
Simplicity 2508 DONE:  Batman shot

Closeup of collar:
Simplicity 2508 DONE:  closeup of collar

Side shot of sway back:
Simplicity 2508 DONE:  side view

The back and back tab:
Simplicity 2508 DONE: back, while I'm wearing it

Hand on hip shot:
Simplicity 2508 DONE:   hand on hip

Button and bias tab detailing. Pocket is not perfect but is good enough.
Simplicity 2508 DONE:  sleeve with bias tab, button detail

So I'm enormously pleased and maybe even a little smug about how nicely I think it turned out overall. Which means the next 5 things I sew are destined to be wadders, right? Or this jacket is going to wrinkle up and look really horrible.

I was actually thinking of sewing another brown jacket, but this time one that doesn't look like outerwear, but more like a jacket I can wear in the office. Specifically Simplicity 4256 view A (OOP). Because this one really really looks like outerwear, right?


  1. Lovely job, it looks great on you!
    And do think positive, why should you have 5 wadders next ... lol

  2. Def. looks like outerwear -- great-looking outerwear! I envy that you can handle brown in your clothes. I brought a beautiful brown silk skirt to a swap yesterday. Hopefully it will go to a home of someone with better coloring for it. :)

  3. looooooooooking great! Well done you! I love that coat - in fact so much I really will have to make it myself for autumn. The lining was inspired.

  4. That coat is awesome! I love everything about it.... great style for you too.

  5. Looks really great, well done! i've been thinking of buying the pattern for a while - would you say it is very difficult? i think i'm still a beginner, and il'm not too sure if it is too difficult. please let me know what you think how easy/difficult/understandable the pattern is.



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