Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cutting table suggestions??

Thanks everyone for your comments on the Jalie shirt. I didn't work on it at all today but maybe I will a bit tmw night? I have forward shoulders and a slight sway back (according to my physical therapist and chiropractor). I've never made a forward shoulder or neck adjustment, but maybe that is where the problem is, as 6 out 7 reviewers on SPR did not have trouble with the back of the scarf?

I'm going to revamp my sewing room. The grand idea is to keep all sewing stuff in my sewing room so that it doesn't spread to other parts of the house (mainly the dining room table) as it currently does. I'm dumping the loveseat and ironing board, and possibly a bookcase, to make room for a cutting table and dressform. Right now I'm on the search for a cutting table (the dressform search will come later).

I had imagined the table search would go something like this:
Look at tables on the JoAnn's web site, pick one out, order it, done.

Jo-Ann's didn't have what I was looking for...I want a table that meets the following criteria:
  • at least 36 inches tall
  • around 70 inches long
  • 30 inches or wider
  • preferably on wheels
  • stable
  • don't really care if it's wood or metal. I just don't want it to be ugly (and not cardboard)
  • I don't care if it folds away or not as it won't be "put away" somewhere.
The plan is to have the cutting table in the corner where the loveseat currently is. The idea of the wheels was that I could easily move it so that I could get to the other side of the table, and then move it back. I wanted it at least 70 inches long as that is the length of my dining room table and my cutting mat is 3 panels, when combined make 72 inches. The idea behind the 36 inches or taller is to save my back.

I've googled around (dining room table, bar table, craft table, drafting table, etc) and found this table which meets a lot of the criteria above, but I don't know if it's really stable. I kind of prefer the idea of 4 legs instead of what it has....

Any suggestions???


  1. A table from IKEA? One of those mix & match deals so you can get the exact dimensions of the tabletop, and then put on adjustable-height legs. I know nothing about tables actually made for cutting, unfortunately.

  2. I also suggest IKEA. I offer up my bedroom office desk as a good choice, seen here. The only thing it doesn't offer is wheels but I suppose you could try to add the ones that they sell at IKEA; however, you'd need eight of them.

  3. Hey, look, someone else using my desk setup for sewing:


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