Monday, February 8, 2010

looking for more recommendations...

....for the following...
  • new dryer
  • new dishwasher
  • a charity that will come to my house and remove the love seat (upstairs) and couch (downstairs) from my house


I looked into Ikea last week and didn't see what I was looking for, but I will look again based on Antoinette and Lisa's recommendations, thanks!


  1. Our LG washer & dryer are high efficiency, purchased 4 years ago, and still going strong. I am not picky about dishwashers. I want them quiet since our kitchen is open, I want a low-water-usage quick cycle, and I want the dishes clean. Lots of dishwashers do that! If IKEA is a hike away maybe you can check online first to see those adjustable legs. We have a really well-made IKEA desk with adjustable t-legs and it is so very sturdy!

  2. The only recommendation I can make is not to buy a Kenmore dishwasher. We purchased one from Sears three years ago and we've had to replace two motors and new inner gaskets for it already. We finally pitched it last month and bought a new one. The Kenmore we bought was around 800 bucks. This time we decided to go cheap just in case this one goes kapoot, too. Hope this helps! : )


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