Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jalie scarf top 2921 in progress

just a little bit of snow the other day (not like today)
Snow from the other day. The snow today was taller than that.
My neighbors completely took care of it for me, woo!

Tonight I decided to trace and cut out Jalie 2921. This is my first time working with Jalie. There are only 4 pattern pieces (3 if you go sleeveless) so it wasn't a big deal to trace it. I looked at the size based on my measurements. It seemed too small so I went up two sizes. I was assuming 5/8 seam allowances. After cutting out the fabric, I looked at the pattern and saw the seam allowances are 1/4. Ohhhh....

Ok, I wound up sewing quite a bit of it.
Here's what it looks like so far:
Jalie 2921 in progress
So from the front, it's pretty good. It's actually a bright pink color, but looks more red in the picture/on my monitor. I don't like how wide and long the ties are, but there's not much that can be done there. The construction of the scarf, like many have noted, is very clever. Once you get that puppy on, there's really no going back.

The back of the shirt is not as good. The reason the front looks good is because I used a binder clip to clip a big wedge out of the back collar. Talk about gaposis! Someone on SPR talked about this and basically sewed that wedge from about 2 inches out, tapering down to nothing at the collar. Otherwise the collar does not sit flat around the neck.

Jalie 2921 in progress:  back scarf needs a wedge taken out of it (right now there's a binder clip back there)

There's also some swayback pulling going on. I think I might sew a center back seam.

I also need to hem.

And I need to do something about the sleeves. Folks on SPR raved about how the sleeves "weren't too tight" or "had to be taken in". Had to be taken in?? I guess I have big biceps because they need some more room.
So I'm thinking of trying the sleeves again, this time with larger sized sleeves (I have enough fabric to cut another set of sleeves), or just making it sleeveless or short sleeved.

Also I'm totally envisioning this in a blue with a white scarf, or white with a blue scarf, for a sailor-style effect. I think that would be pretty rockin'.

I've been awake since 4:30am and actually did work work for a while today. I should go to bed but I'm thinking of watching Project Runway from this week online....

Good night!


  1. I have just ordered this pattern from pattern review so I'm fascinated by your progress - is the gap at the back formed because you have a forward neck or is it a drafting error? (do you normally have to do a forward neck adjustment??)

    Looking great! Love the colour - my monitor shows it as having some sparkle.

  2. I don't really know about the fitting, but wow so far that shirt looks fantastic! and a great colour too!

  3. Those scarf details look wonderful! I am getting so curious about these pattern alterations, like FBA/ SBA, swayback, and now forward neck... Looks I might have some light reading on my day's agenda.

  4. When you make this top in your size, it will be a nice addition and something you can sew again and again.


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