Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jalie 2921 sleeveless done. McCall's 5504 in progress.

Decided to give another stab at Jalie 2921. This time I made size V instead of X.

I was going to go for the nautical look with a white scarf and navy blue shirt.

At this point, the white scarf was pinned on and I decided it was too "cub scout den mother".
Too cub scout den mother

So I cut the scarf again, this time from the same navy blue fabric as the shirt.

This is what step 10 looks like. The front and back are sewn together at the shoulder. Then you sew the scarf to the neckline. Here in step 10, you roll up the front and back of the shirt, and then pin the scarf AROUND that roll. It's pretty amazing and clever.

What Jalie 2921 step 10 looks like (yes the ENTIRE front and back are in the tube of the scarf)

I decided to go with sleeveless. It's my first piece for my spring conference wardrobe (ha ha).
Front of Jalie 2921 finished

It has issues still with the back of the scarf looking all funny. I'm just going to let it be. It all sort of blends into my hair anyway. I didn't cut a center back seam this time. And I didn't do anything about the sway back.

Back of Jalie 2921 finished

Tonight's ooops shot
Ooops shot

Then I started work on McCall's 5504, a raglan pajama top. I cut it out on New Year's Eve, ironed on interfacing shortly after, and it's been forlornly sitting around waiting to be sewn. I felt it was in danger of becoming a UFO. So I tackled it.

I cut the sleeves too short somehow. I'm thinking "opportunity knocks with piping and a cuff". But am I going to answer? Piping will just get lost in that fabric.

McCalls 5504 front; sleeve unfinished

This is to show the lines on the sleeve line up with the bodice. That took some effort during the cut-out phase. But what it means is the lines don't line up where the raglan sleeve is sewn to the front and back. Oh well.
McCalls 5504  see the stripes line up; sleeve unfinished

It's a bit large but I have plenty of room for layers!

McCalls 5504:  blurry side shot

Good night!


  1. The Jalie top looks great.

  2. Your Jalie top looks very nice. And your PJ top as well. And, it looks very comfy.


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