Sunday, February 21, 2010

No sewing. Just cookies.

Faithful readers will remember my Christmas cookie containers, which were nut containers with a fun label I created and slapped over them.

Tonight I made cookies to say thanks to my neighbors for taking care of the snow for me. The one set of neighbors has had my cookies before, and the wife was especially excited for them. The other set of neighbors looked completely shocked. Wasn't at all the reaction I was expecting. Like I showed up at their door with a dead fish or something. "You did what?"

And I decided to make a batch for my coworkers who are currently helping me test for our software upgrade. I used the same template I made last time, changed "Merry Christmas!" to "Fuel for Testing!", cut them out (a real rush job) and slapped 'em on.

I assure you, the cookies were made with more care than the labels.

cookie containers again!

And here's a random assortment of things on my desk. I actually lit up my Bryn Mawr lantern tonight. My dad electrified it so I don't have to play with candles. It's pretty sweet. The owl lantern on the right is from the Philly flower show, circa 1996 or 1997. I'm not sure which year as I can't recall which dorm I was living in when we went to the show, but my parents drove and parked on campus, we took the train in to the show. I distinctly remember a woman standing on a street corner yelling out Bible verses outside of Market East. But I don't remember which year that was.

My Bryn Mawr lantern, all electrified
The thing in the middle is sushi that is on wheels from Japan, 2001.

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