Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not my facebook...

I have Flickr photos. I have a blog. That's enough for me currently, though twitter might happen. and I might start freecycling too.

So 24 hours ago, someone signed up for facebook and used my email address??? Their last name is the same as mine; their first name is Kate.

And now I'm getting all these "facebook friend requests"???? I thought I'd do nothing and just let it sort itself out. So far, it hasn't.

Had acupuncture tonight. New weird place to feel the twitching: the front of my right shin. Most painful needle: outside of my left ankle. Karen said that's my lower back. Their space has been renovated. It's pretty cool. The music is now piped through the office via a computer, and I could hear all the Windows system noises (like the "you can't do that" "no, not that" and "shutting down for the night".) She also has these heat-lamp type devices now, so I had one over my knees, one over my feet, and the mylar wrap over my torso. I felt like take out food at MickyD's or something. I feel better though. :)

It's only Wednesday but I'm already looking forward to the weekend: sewing and cookie baking. And more cleaning out of the den/sewing area! BIG pattern giveaway coming soon!

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  1. Well, I kinda like FB. Not for everyone, and for sure not for you if you didn't even sign up for it! Hope that gets squared away soon.


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