Saturday, February 27, 2010

McCalls 4664 and 5504 done!

McCall's 5504: DONE!

McCall's 5504 done

I could have made a simple summer dress in the amount of time I spent on the cuffs. To recap, I had cut the sleeves waaaaay too short. I thought about piping but I didn't have any green piping. What I did have, though, was a remnant of green double fold bias tape. So I sewed that on and then added the cactus cuff. Sounds simple, but really it took a lot longer than I care to admit. However, I already can tell this will be one of my favorite shirts to sleep in!!

McCall's 5504 close up of cuff DONE

It counts for the SPR stash contest. I've had the fabric for at least 2 years, and it might actually be 3. The sleeveless Jalie scarf neck top also counts for the SPR stash contest. That fabric is probably 15 years old!!

Now I'm ready for some Mexican food.

I cut out and made McCall's 4664, gym pants. I made the ugly gray muslin on New Year's Eve. The intention then was to make plain brown gym pants.

they start out looking pretty basic:
McCall's 4664: front of workout pants

But there's a surprise I added on the side: reverse applique astericks!!!
McCall's 4664: side of workout pants with astericks

another view
McCall's 4664:back of workout pants

Closeup of the astericks
McCall's 4664: detail of astericks

I did that because the gym had a vendor bring in some clothing and there was a pair of black pants with cut out flowers on the side. The cut outs were edged with white double fold bias tape! They were $94. So I decided to do my own take on that.

So for my cowl neck shirt with twin needle stitching: I looked up zig zag presser foot, and it turns out that is what my machine has. The instructions say to use cotton thread or "polyester span thread". I'm guessing they mean "polyester spun thread" which is what I'm using. So maybe it's a tension issue? I tried the twin needle again with the hem on my gym pants and had to rip it out. It only works for a few inches and then it gets jammed up. I don't know how to fix that. So tmw I might hem the cowl neck shirt with my standard zig zag stitch. Hrm. It's too bad because I love the way the twin needle stitching looks.


  1. wow you have been super productive and those asterics look very cute indeed - re twin needle - are you using a twin needle for knits? Because there are two kinds. I'm not sure if that would be causing all you tension problems - all I can think is maybe it's a threading issue with your two spools.

  2. I agree w/Mary Nanna- stretch needle may be the answer to skipped stitches like you said you had on the cowl.

    Tension issues and breaking/jamming thread- completely pull apart the bobbin area and make sure you don't have a tiny piece of thread stuck in there. Next when you're threading the needles just above the needle is a thread guide. Only the left needle goes through that guide. That one being your regular spool of thread. The extra spool completely bypasses that guide. If you don't get anywhere with that try changing the direction your thread is coming off the extra spool-clockwise to counter clockwise. Usually thread jamming w/twin needles is all in the threading.

    The only other thing I can think of is are you leaving thread tails? I try to leave them a bit longer and pull them to the right of the needle. My machine has a thread cutter and I know if I've used that it leaves really short tails that will jam with a twin needle.

  3. Eating Mexican food in your PJs--what could be better than that? Your workout pants are super!

  4. Snazzy asterisks! I am feeling inspired to try some reverse applique but I can't imagine the amount of time you've spent going around those little curves!


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