Friday, February 12, 2010

Surgery on Hal; snow pix

Upstairs Hal was suddenly losing arms from his sidebrush. Downstairs Hal has just 3 arms but Upstairs had 6. And then 5. And then 4. And then 3. Sometimes I found them in his collection tray; other times they were forlorn on the floor.
Hal before surgery

Last weekend I bought replacement sidebrushes on the web site. They arrived this week and I did a little, simple, minor outpatient surgery on Hal. All better:
Hal after surgery

It took less than a minute, and it has actually made a big difference with how the carpets look!! MUCH better.

I'm thinking of getting the Scooba next.

My backyard on Thursday morning before going to work, taken through the window:

2/11/10 before going to work

I like the light here. I also realize my duck is dressed for Easter. Poor neglected duck. Well, Easter isn't that far off.
2/11/10 my living room


  1. And doesn't that Amy Butler cushion look just perfect on the chair with all that snow outside?

  2. You have two Hals? Wow. I have none. I'm feeling all insecure and thinking maybe I need one now. Well, not really, but I am thinking how my floors need sweeping and other stuff and don't feel motivated to clean them.


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