Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jalie vs Big 4: compare and contrast

look at the size of that pattern!
The jacket pattern I just made (left); Jalie scarf top I'm thinking of making (right)

Hello, cupcakes!

Thank you all for your comments on my Project Run(a)way jacket. I can't wait to wear it (at this rate, in March or April).

I've only made patterns from the Big 4. I lean heavy on the Simplicity and New Look patterns.

I really want to make this Jalie scarf top pattern 2921. It has arrived in the mail.

Just curious to hear from folks who have made Simplicity / New Look *and* Jalie before, for a little compare / contrast.

Anything I should look out for or be aware of?

First off, the pattern paper is one giant piece of paper (thick paper, not tissue paper, which I wasn't expecting. A gazillion sizes are in one envelope (little girl to adult). Should I trace the pattern onto tissue paper? Should I just cut it directly out of the paper?

It's sure to be an adventure. But I might make another jacket first. Hrrrmmmmm..

If you haven't read Deepika's blog posting about the Jalie pattern--go on over there and read it now. It's a real hoot!!

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  1. No experience with Jalie, but it does sound like it's best for you to trace the pattern to lighter-weight paper. The Jalie pants pattern that came out a year ago was recommended to me by several PR.com folks. Can't wait to hear how this sews for you!


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