Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jalie 2921: Done? I think? Maybe?

There was indeed a snow day today and work was closed, but I worked most of today anyway in front of the fireplace, uninterrupted.

I watched No Impact Man tonight on DVD. I highly recommend. The pacing could have been better, but I think the overall message is important. I started reading the book last night. I like his sense of humor, which comes out a lot more in the book as compared to the documentary.

Tonight I decided to take another stab at Jalie 2921. Next time I will cut out a smaller size for the bodice and scarf, while cutting out the largest for the arms. We'll see how it all goes. Next time I'm going to base the fit on one of my favorite shirts.

I decided to slice the shirt up the back. But first I wanted to make sure there was plenty of room to do so. My latest trick is using binder clips. I think I look like a dinosaur here.
Jalie 2921 in progress: dinosaur!

I cut out a chunk of the back, curved it in for my sway back (following a New Look pattern I have where the back is two pieces and curved inward at the lower back), and played with the scarf band at the top a bit. Here's what I wound up with:
Jalie 2921 done?  front

Here's the side:
Jalie 2921 done?  side

There are still some arm issues. I actually have a 3/8 seam allowance and then sewed something more like 1/4. So I could rip out the 3/8 seam allowance and gain a quarter inch. Maybe it would make a difference? Another idea is to make it sleeveless, or cut out the sleeves again but larger this time.
Jalie 2921 done?  bent arm

This back shot is rather unflattering but I don't think it looks so bad in real life? Besides if this were a print, all that shadowing would blend in.

Jalie 2921 done?  back

So I'm thinking of making this again soon with a navy bodice/arms and a white scarf for a sailor-style look. By making it in the right size, I don't think I'd have so many fitting issues.

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