Tuesday, February 9, 2010

They can't all be winners...and other random stuff

I lost another Sewing Pattern Review contest. I had 10 votes, though. Made my way to the double digits this time! The winner had 59 votes.

I'm overly excited for the possibility of a snow day tmw!!! Feeling vaguely like a little kid, checking weather.com every few hours...I brought home work and am envisioning getting a whole day's worth of work done in a few hours in front of my fireplace....and then maybe making cookies!

My back is acting up again but I realized that I stopped doing my piriformis stretches recently (any time) and my hip flexor stretches (morning and during work) though I've been doing all my nighttime stretching (hip flexor, hamstring, quads, calves). I just did all my piriformis stretches and my back already seems to feel better.

Last night I tried my novacaine patches for the first time. It really didn't seem to make a difference--until I removed them 14 hours later. The surface of my skin was definitely numb, but it didn't seem to make its way into my muscle. Peeling the patches off just felt so weird since the skin was definitely numb there.

I have a temporary office at work now (probably for the next 5 months until I'm back in the hallway again). Having a door is AMAZING! I will have to post pix of the view from my office. It's pretty cool. I need to adjust the height of my ergonomic chair for the new desk, though. That might be part of my back issues, though I think not doing the piriformis stretches is more to blame.

Here's hoping you're pain free!!

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