Thursday, February 18, 2010

Temp office and Burda Oct 2005

I have a temporary office now!
my new office, with my two big monitors

With a door!

My temporary office door

and a view!!
Looking onto campus

To compare, here's my old cube:
My old cube
In a few months, I'll be back in the hallway in a (different) cube, but til then I'm enjoying my office.

In other news, I finally found the Oct 2005 issue of Burda World of Fashion on ebay last weekend. It arrived today! I've never looked through an issue of Burda before...
Burda 10/2005

So I can make the cowl neck top! I might make it this weekend. Looks like tracing this pattern is going to be an adventure. It's my first BWOF. The top is very simple so I think it's a good choice for my first Burda.
I was inspired by the Selfish Seamstress version of it.

Just watched last week's Project's the Tim Gunn quote of the episode: "You should feel so proud of what you've achieved here."


  1. Fancy fancy!!! Are those your oreos? I am suddenly feeling ravenously hungry.

  2. Well...listen closely for Tim Gunn's lips to utter the words "clown pants" this week.

  3. Hi -- I've been reading your blog for a while since your review of a pattern on SPR helped me out. I'm a Princeton grad and I realised that you worked in Princeton from some of your photos but I didn't realise you worked at Princeton till you posted these photos of your office and I saw the Gothic walls and New South out there in the distance! Made my day!

  4. Or is it Fine Hall? It's been too long since I was back!


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