Friday, May 8, 2009

Always Call Ahead

Around 4pm I called the doc's office to make sure they had received the PT's report before I headed back to the doc's.

They had not.

Called the PT place--therapist then called me at home--I called the therapist back, she said she tried calling the doc' s office to speak to him directly but he was busy seeing patients--the report was faxed to the doctors--I called doc's office to make sure report was received--then I went over to the doc's office.

The parking lot looked really packed. I was a little afraid the wait would be long. Turned out everyone was at the "nails" place next door.

Turns out the therapist's report was a bit different than what I understood from last night. Of course, while we were talking last night, her assistant was already vacuuming the rugs and so maybe that caused me to misunderstand. She recommended 2 more weeks of therapy and then after that, if I'm still not better, to get diagnostic tests like x-ray and MRI.

I asked the doc if we could start diagnostic tests now. He did the x-ray in-office. My vertebrae were all there and don't have fractures (and it was neat to see the digital image of my spine). He said the x-rays are pretty much useless for back pain diagnosis, but they are the first step in convincing the insurance company to pay for an MRI.

He said he wants to wait 2 more weeks to start the ordering procedure for the MRI. He said it will take a lot of convincing to get the insurance company to pay for an MRI (and by that point I'd have 6 weeks of therapy, making my case for an MRI stronger). Really? My coworker's husband, who has a "lower" insurance plan than I do, seemed to get an MRI within his first month of back pain, maybe the first week? I'm paying the most money for the "best" plan my employer offers, so why wouldn't it cover it?

The doctor also said, even if I have the MRI, it may show just disc issues, in which case the treatment is therapy. He said all roads lead to therapy for me. He said the only other option is surgery and he really doesn't think that's an option for me.

I said that the therapist doesn't know what is wrong with me, and I am hoping the MRI would help her--and also I want to know too--I'm in pain every day--not enough to want surgery, but I'm in pain every day, I want to know what is causing it.

He reiterated that the MRI would show something like disc issues, and the treatment is therapy.

Therapy therapy therapy.

My coworker is experiencing back and hip issues. She highly recommends her chiropractor, whose philosophy is about not making his patients dependent on him. I'll think about it. Maybe I'll do it.

I'm also thinking about acupuncture, which one of my friends credits for saving her from foot surgery (though she had stim with her acupuncture, and credits the stim more. She read papers about how the stim helps with cellular repair and generation). Coming from a science background, I can understand that.

I'm giving up sewing for a month along with the gym. I hate giving up the things I love, but if it helps me mend faster, so be it.


  1. Frustration frustration frustration! I hear good things about acupuncture though I haven't tried it, and about *good* chiropractors; there are bad ones too. of course. It would be nice if they would FIX IT NOW!

  2. That was I, anonymous by accident. Onymous, anyone?


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