Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cloud show

I've got that spring cleaning feeling.

I'm fighting the urge to stay up for another 3 hours and clean out stuff I don't want anymore. There are several items in my living room that I'm targeting for elimination. Why this feeling couldn't have hit at, say, 9am this morning, instead of an hour ago when I was doing my exercises, I don't know. For some reason I decided to do my PT exercises in the living room tonight and while I was there, on the floor, I was contemplating how kind of junky my living room looks, questioning why I have all this stuff and thinking about how I don't want a lot of it anymore, including things that passed last year's spring cleaning bonanza.

This morning I decided to have some more therapy, but this time of the retail kind. I hit the shops hard. I came home and after talking with Pete, I went outside with a pile of magazines and catalogs and enjoyed my lounge chair. (It's the lounge chair I got for free, by dragging it half a mile home from the curb of the rich people's houses down the street, about 18 months ago. I love it when rich people discard fabulous intact items and put them at their curb!).

After a while I noticed the cloud formations in the sky. The wind was blowing enough to put on a pretty good cloud show.

What do you think these clouds look like?
profile of guy with big nose and party blower thing
Profile of guy with big nose and party blower thing;
or fire-breathing dragon

a bird?
I think this is a bird or a plane.
If you have a good imagination.

I really was in my backyard; here you can see the roof line:

Then the sun started to set, turning the clouds a nice shade of pink:
sun is starting to set; clouds are turning pink
(That's the privacy fence on the left side of the frame).

I was going to stay outside til it got completely dark out. But then I saw a bat flying around and thought, that's enough.

Happy Early Mother's Day!!!


  1. Sounds (and looks) like a perfect Saturday!

  2. Excellent cloud guesses; I'm with you on those!

  3. I love the man in profile breathing fire/blowing smoke/or some such! That's a great photo.


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