Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Touched a nerve?

What I think I learned at therapy last night
What I think I learned at therapy last night

On Sunday night I decided to take a walk for an hour.
Later that night my left knee started hurting, that sharp brand of pain, when walking up stairs. My left side from lower back to knee all felt irritated and painful.


I. cannot. fall. apart.

Last night was therapy session number 9. Janet beat me up, but with different exercises, including pulling on my left leg to stretch out the leg/spine as if it were traction, and the yoga-style cobra-esque moves, but with her pushing down on my lower back while I push up. Those exercises didn't feel too bad, but her elbow in my piriformis hurt as always and I feel bruised from it today. I mean, I know exactly where her elbow was, even today. She said she could feel the muscle loosening up as she did that. I'm kind of amazed at what her elbow can feel.

She gave me new exercises to do at home (cobra, plus resting on my forearms). Says I could have disc issues. MRI would show for sure, but she said she'd treat the symptoms the same
way regardless. She thinks the ins. co. would pay for the MRI after 6 weeks of therapy. She said she's frustrated too. but she's not itching for an MRI the way I am. She said I should see an orthopedic surgeon for a diagnosis.

She felt my spinal cord with me pushing my hips out and back while seated, and she said the vertebrae are all in alignment, and showed me what it would look like if they weren't. She also said the x-ray wouldn't show if the pelvic bone was out of alignment--really???

My jaw was also aching too--wow--what else could go wrong???

Today I didn't feel too bad--I've been using my knee ice packs on my knees, my strap-on heating pad cranked up on high for my back, and I didn't take any drugs. My jaw is only aching from time to time.

I had time to think at work today and I came up with some neat new ideas for my classes. At least I think they're neat.


  1. Oh, dear. Unbelievable. I am sorry for all this pain on the road to recovery. What is the saying? "It's going to get worse before it gets better." Yikes. Sending you healing vibes. BTW -- nice notes describing the "jelly". LOL

  2. Jelly is "squshed" out? Colorful notes. Yow. I am so sorry for this misery.


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