Monday, May 11, 2009

Touched by a router?

There are a few things I expect from my new wireless router.

Read the words under "ASUS" in the upper left corner.
My new wireless router is heart touching?  really?

Heart touching? That's just going beyond the call of duty there. Is that for real?

I haven't cracked open the box yet. But you'll be sure to hear about it when I do--especially if it doesn't work!


  1. Check out Dr Surf at the bottom of the box (I wonder where he got his accreditation?). Are you going to use the print server option too?

  2. Sweeeet! Any chance the box was printed (and the copy written) in China or Japan? I lived in Japan as a child and always loved all of the just-missed-the-meaning translations that would get printed on their products. Funny stuff!


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