Sunday, May 17, 2009

Peony Flower, Fashion Show, & Environment, Oh My!

A Post in Three Acts.

Act 1:
It looked like a goner after an afternoon in an enclosed car in full sun on a warm day, but I cut the stem very short and plunked it in water, and check it out now, hydrated and gorgeous:

Beautiful peony

Act 2:
Let's talk about The Fashion Show, shall we? I watched the first two epis this weekend. Thoughts:
  • Isaac Mizrahi is no Tim Gunn. I miss you, Tim.
  • The font for the screen captions is the same as Project Runway
  • The shots of NYC could be taken directly out of PR
  • Telling the "just barely missed elimination" contestant that s/he is "hanging by a thread" caused me to giggle
  • They have a quickfire-style Top Chef challenge at the start of the show. I liked the first mini-challenge, which was to make a little black dress out of a plain black t-shirt. Very Antoinette.
  • Isaac emphasizes how "they" (the hosts? the judges?) are there to provide "constructive criticism". However, Isaac and Kelly don't provide any criticism at all during the construction phase--unlike Tim.
  • Isaac also emphasizes how they are supposed to make real clothes for "real people". That sounds like a better concept compared to many of PR's challenges (i.e. making clothes out of car parts). Yet the main challenge in the second week was making clothes for a socialite I've never heard of before. I guess the "real people" part was using less than $40 or $50 in materials.
Act 3:
I'm in full-on spring-cleaning mode again. I spent a good portion of today just going through the stuff in a small portion of my house. Although I think I did pretty well reducing my consumption since the April 2008 cleanout, I think I could do a lot better.

This makes me want to compost:

This has me itching to do "a year without plastic bags":

A good reminder why paper should always be recycled:

Baby shower present (yes, wrapped in plastic):
Baby gift (Milk Money)

And the very cute blue M&M's-in-a-heart-shaped-box shower favor:
Peony and shower favor

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  1. Great effort to save the flower - paid off! I have also seen the first two Fashion Shows and I'm not sure what I see and what I think will change after #3, but I might wait to be sure. Funny about the black t-shirt mini-challenge, no? Totally with you on the title captions and NYC footage. Will need to read through all those links on at lunchtime! Have a great day! :)


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