Saturday, May 16, 2009

When does middle age begin?

Answer to pop-quiz: they are ice packs for knees (thus the hole in the middle). They are better than the last knee ice packs I tried. Love them.

Today my mom said that I'm no longer "young," I'm middle-aged.
I steadfastly refuse to believe middle age begins at 33.
So, dear readers, when do you think middle-age begins???


  1. Well, I'm forty and I refuse to be called middle-age, so if I were you I'd fight it too. I mean, to imply 33 is middle age is to say that 66 is the END of life. What?!

  2. Yeah... I think middle-aged is a state of mind, not a number. I've known 25-year-olds who are basically middle-aged. I've known 50-year-olds who are vibrant, happy, healthy, and balanced, not a crisis in sight.

    No way, no how, is 33 middle-aged. Don't buy it.

  3. One might say that George Gershwin was middle-aged when he was 19 as he died at 38... it's relative. Age is a number, period. Moms do have a way with words, don't they??


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