Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just a boring post

My new Skechers
My new Skechers
Maybe the silver is a bit "14 year old" instead of "33 year old", but whatever...

My new Saucony's
My new Saucony's
Hope these are the proper fit

I took today off! Yeah!!
I woke up at 7am as if I were going to work (sigh). But I fell back to sleep (bliss!)

This afternoon I went to the dentist. No cavities. No gingivitis. I asked about my aching jaw; he didn't seem concerned since it was aching last week and has since stopped. The hygienist found a spot on my gum that is really sensitive while she was cleaning my teeth. She said it's a recession that's exposing a nerve. Just don't brush too hard there, and it should be ok, just keep on doing what I'm doing, especially since it doesn't hurt me when I brush. She said overall my gums look really healthy. If it gets worse in that one spot they can do tissue grafts or something? Er, I'll maintain what I've got. The dentist didn't say anything about that at all. He said everything looks good.

I didn't blog about my pool pass issues, but they were resolved quite nicely today. Even though I'm the only one paying the mortgage on my townhouse, they gave me TWO resident pool passes, instead of making me pay for an additional guest badge, hurrah! I also met our community manager and she seems very very nice.

I also had therapy tonight. Session 11. It was only an hour and 10 minutes, which is my briefest therapy session ever. Tonight's treatment featured stretching out my hamstrings and piriformis, deep tissue massage and more "I press up while she pushes down" exercises. Shockingly, though, she did not do her favorite "elbow in my piriformis" trick. I didn't have ice and stim tonight because when I was done, someone else was just starting stim. So I will do the ice tonight here at home, which I've been doing anyway, for my back and for my knees. Pain level today was pretty reduced, but I had taken Aleeve this morning for a headache. The next session is my last session. She said she will recommend to the dr for me to have more therapy to try to get the pain to 0 or 1. I want the MRI and therapy.

I talked to one of my neighbors today. She said her mom had pain in her leg. She went to doctors, no one could find what was wrong. She took her mom to an acupuncturist in the city. She said her mom felt relief after the first session and no pain after a week. She went to him 2x a week for a month and then 1x a week for 2 months after that. She has not felt any pain since and that has been more than a year now. She said her mom didn't have stim with the acu. Hmmm. My neighbor, who just had a baby, said she went for acu when she was really nauseous and he resolved it in one session. Hmmm..

I also did a wee bit of shopping too, as you can tell by the pix.

I'm going to start labelling my posts. Enjoy!


  1. I've very curious about acupuncture. I haven't found anyone who can recommend someone locally, but might look a little more into it. I would say that anything is worth a try since your back pain has been going on for some time. Glad to hear it was a bit better yesterday.

  2. I like those black Skechers a lot, and even with silver they look very svelte 33. I've prob. commented before that acupuncture gets high marks for everyone I know who's done it. Keep us posted. :)

  3. I have bought Sauconys the last two years and they have been the very best athletic shoes I've had. Congratulations!


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