Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pop quiz

Guess what this is!
Guess what this is!

My therapy appt was a bit earlier than usual: 5:20pm. One of my coworkers was there! I knew she had a hip injury but had no idea she is going to my therapy place. Her appts are much earlier than mine which is why I hadn't seen her there before. Small world.

Tonight's appt was pretty short overall. Janet had me do the cobra-style press-ups while she pushed down on my back. Now I'm feeling something in my middle back that I haven't felt in a while--a regular ol' backache! I mean, it's in addition to the other pain I feel, but it's kind of a welcoming feeling. I guess because it's so familar. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. Janet also did some deep tissue massage and her favorite elbow-in-my-piriformis-muscle trick. I had ice and stim too. Love that ice and stim.

Of course, having an earlier appt means coming home a bit earlier for the evening and it's only just begun. I read outside for a while. Bliss. Everything is lush and green and even though it was kind of overcast and threatening to rain at any moment, I didn't mind. The grass was cut today so everything was lookin' good.

My rose bushes have leaves but some are already covered in black spot. Jeesh.

I teach tmw morning for about 2 hours. That should help with my back.

I'm actually doing some laundry for the first time in a month. Don't know if I should admit that or not, but I'm not going crazy, it's only a load.

Ok, let me know what you think the picture features!!


  1. Massage/ heating pad! (Didn't I say that the last time you had us guess what was in the picture? LOL)

  2. Are they shoe inserts? I only say that because there are two and some people think that shoes/how you walk impact back pain. I was glad to read that your pain has decreases a little... sorry it hasn't been more so.


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