Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Am A Great Salesperson!

News updates:
  • My MRI is on Saturday morning!! My doc will know the result in 3-4 business days.
  • Janet thinks I might have some problem with the SI joint. I found some good info about the SI joint here. She says even if the MRI shows disc issues, that the disc issue may not be cause of my pain. She says lots of people have disc issues and feel no pain. I had read that online somewhere before...
  • Janet recommends that I see an orthopedic specialist after the MRI results are back. She says the orthopedic could give me a cortisone shot which would relieve the pain for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months and then she could make more progress with me in PT. I'd *love* a break from the pain!
  • On Tues Janet took it easy on me, since I was at a 5 from the traction machine from the previous visit. she only did deep tissue massage and stretched me out.
  • Tonight Janet did deep tissue massage, stretched out my hamstrings and piriformis, and did the elbow-in-my-piriformis trick. She also did manual traction on my left leg. I'd say my pain level for the back is 3-4.
  • When I walk intently, my upper left leg feels weak. it also feels like the pain is sometimes in the left hip.
  • My right knee is hurting again
  • I have a sore throat, the gum around my wisdom tooth is inflamed, and even my ears hurt. I'm falling apart!!
  • The middle curtain bracket fell down in the living room. The previous owners installed that bracket. I will try to fix that this weekend. For now, it's very very light in my living room!
  • Tonight's title comes from a sign on the door at the realtor office downstairs from the PT place. They prop their "back door" open most nights and that's one of two signs on the door. It always makes me laugh. I'll tell you next time what their other sign is.


  1. Great news about the MRI!

    Is the realtor's other sign "You don't have to be crazy to work here but..."? ;)

  2. When I saw your title I thought it referred to you asking about the MRI! Anyway, so sorry about all this continued misery. Are you going to do the cortisone shot? They hurt but the likely benefits are worth a try in the short term. I had some problems with my SI joint too; and now after therapy I am a fair amount better but continue the exercises! Do you get to see the dentist on top of all this?

  3. I would think that, given your year so far, your 40's will be a breeze, the best you've ever felt, etc. Well, I'm def. hoping. Have you done any sewing or other creating in the last week to stay sane? Maybe this is a good time to sketch beautiful spring scenery in your backyard!


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