Sunday, May 31, 2009

Breaking News: The MRI results are in!!

The doctor just called me--they already have the report back!!

I have a disc protrusion at the S1 nerve root. The protrusion is pressing on the root which is causing the pain down the leg. He said it's not even a herniation.

The doc recommends I continue the therapy and at the same time, make an appointment to see the orthopedist or neurosurgeon. He gave me two names of docs he trusts. Says I should bring the MRI images and the report with me to see the specialist. He emphasized again, it's not for surgery but maybe there is something they can do to correct it, such as laser therapy. (something new for me to google).

I asked how I can get the report. He said I can stop by the office and pick it up a copy.

He didn't say anything about what might be causing the pain in the lower right side. Frankly, that right side pain is few and far between now. But I think those things would all be great discussion topics for me to ask the specialist.

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