Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh, lucky visit number 7!!

Wo-hoo!!! The doc approved the MRI! He emphasized yet again how I'm not a surgical candidate, if the MRI shows disc issues. He said if I had back surgery, the pain from surgery would be so much worse than what I'm experiencing now. So the doc's office is going to contact my insurance co and see if they approve the MRI. The doc's office will be in touch in 2-3 days and they will schedule the MRI for me. I have the prescription for the MRI, and also a prescription for another 3 weeks of therapy 2x a week.

I have so many questions that I just thought of now--like who will analyze the MRI? Will I know that same day what the problem is, or do I have to go back to the regular doc? An orthopedic? And where is the location of the MRI center they are going to choose for me? Will the test be done soon or is it one of those they're-really-backed-up-so-the-next-appointment-is-in-5-weeks things? He did ask me for my schedule and I said anytime is fine with me. I'm ready for it.

I think the doc actually recognized me this time. I've seen Dr. A four times and Dr. B three times.

Therapy is at 8pm. I hate hate hate the late appointments because they start vacuuming before I leave.

I'm so excited that he approved the MRI!!! Hopefully the insurance co will authorize it. But I have the script even if they don't authorize it.


  1. if it's anything like my mri:

    * you won't know that day
    * your doctor may or may not interpret the results -- there's a reader at the mri factor that will look at your film and write up a report. the report and films go to the doc
    * the doc will then tell you either based on the report or the report + the doc's interpretation (depending on how good the doc is)

    questions you'll want to ask your doc:
    * how long will you be in the machine for?
    * how much of you will be in the machine -- will you be in head first, or feet first?

    if it's head first, it can be loud by the head. if you're in for a long time, you can bring a cd to play. good luck!

  2. I'm def. out of my league on this one. Glad you got what you asked for -- hope it all goes smoothly!

  3. I've had a mri and agree with Christine on results etc.

    My mri was scheduled within 2 days of getting the go ahead from insurance, which was the same day they called for authorization. Your ins. may be different though.

    My mri was on my shoulder and while it was loud it wasn't that bad, plus they had a radio with speakers close enough to the table it helped...some. I was more concerned with staying still than anything else otherwise they have to do the whole thing over!

    Mine was about 5 yrs. ago and if I remember right it took about 45min to 1 hr. Then you sit while they check to make sure all the images are clear. All told I was prob. there about 1.5hrs.

    Oh, some people hate being in the small confined space of the mri machine. I'm claustrophobic and it DID NOT bother me!


  4. I've had MRIs. It's kind of relaxing, actually. Just make sure you visit the restroom first! Time spent being MRIed is variable. I'm glad you're likely going to get one; they show a lot and it should at least set your mind at rest that you've had one. I hope the approval goes quickly. My thoughts and prayers are with you!


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