Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend

Because May Day was on Friday, there's a Bank Holiday on Monday. There seems to be a certain amount of excitement for Bank Holiday Weekend.

Fun cat sign of the day:
Ad for the Guardian

We went to the Warrington Food Festival yet again, this time for goulash and bigos (spicy sausage and noodle dish)...
At the Warrington food festival again

Then we played the toughest mini-golf course ever at Walton Hall Gardens (a big park packed with families on this gorgeous sunny Saturday!).

The course looks dinky and in some disrepair, like it could use some paint and a cleaning, but it is difficult, mainly due to holes like this:

and this:
and this:

Pete kindly put the golf ball down for me and picked it up out of the cup, due to my back issues. In order to putt, I couldn't stand like I normally do for putting. It was an interesting experience.

I also suffered my first ever mini-golfing injury, with the extra-sharp pencil of all things! The cut was small but the blood was impressive (nope, no picture of that moment).

There happened to be a zoo there too, so we checked out the animals:




We stopped for a "Flake" afterwards (ice cream with a Cadbury Flake (flakey chocolate)) with raspberry sauce. Yum!!

With a Cadbury Flake

We went to the grocery store to pick up dinner.

I've packed as much as I could. We're going to try taking some informal engagement photos next...

Next post will be from NJ. Sigh!

Good night!

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